"We either sacrifice the kids or sacrifice the world. From a utilitarian standpoint, we should choose the kids. From a moral standpoint, what the fuck."
Moondancer, on 344 and 007

Unit 007, also known as Cain, was mentioned by Cursor during an attempt to arrange a containment breach in order to allow himself and 979 to escape, as an alternative to releasing Unit 344. He was suggested to be a last resort, as his release could prove extremely detrimental. Interaction is highly advised against.

History Edit

Prior to 2016 Edit

At an unknown date and time, 007 was captured by the Wyndstrom Institution. He was among the earliest of the captured Units, and among the first ten captured.

Currently, he remains contained by the Wyndstrom Institution, and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Abilities Edit

007 has been confirmed by Cursor to be Cain- the first murderer, according to Abrahamic tradition, and the first vampire, according to myth. It has been stated that, while 007 would not immediately go on a killing spree, he would gradually kill more and more to where "eons would be scraped off of the time-span of this world".

Notes Edit

  • According to Cursor, 007 doesn't like to be "bothered"