"Why do you feel the need to understand me? I have a simple objective. Stop you from progressing any further."
—Unit 963

Unit 963 (real name currently unknown) was the brother of Unit 979, and an AGENT. He was among the first of the Units besides 979 that players interacted with. In a Q&A session with the players, 963 was terminated by the Wyndstrom Institution- possibly due to players prying for too much information.

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Prior to 2016 Edit

As with many other Units, the full details of 963's past are largely left unknown.

Thought useless initially by Dr. Roberts, he was nevertheless taken by the Wyndstrom Institution as a precautionary measure alongside his brother and various orphans (which also included Unit 990).

At an unknown date, Unit 963 was recruited to work for the Institution as an AGENT.

2016 Edit

963, following 979's recapture, communicated with players through 979's TOR site.


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