untitled is the third canon video of the ARG, and the third video posted on eternalforestxv. It is preceded by QDWPAH.

Summary Edit

On July 9th, 2016, untitled was posted to 979's channel. It's notable that this video was the last one uploaded to the channel before 979 was taken back to the Wyndstrom Institution.

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Transcript Edit

The video begins on footage of an IV stand, distorted similarly to the previous videos. A crying baby  can be heard clearly, which continues thru most of the video, same for a loud heartbeat. At intervals, single words of the phrase “They Took Me” appear briefly.  At ~15 seconds, the video changes to look at something else, but nothing can be made out. At 25s, the video cuts to picture of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, with with a clip of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” playing for the remainder of the video (specifically, the lyrics “Open your heart, I’m coming home.”) Over the Vitruvian Man image appears some terminal commands. It appears to be someone hacking into and infecting a server.

Notes Edit

  • Once again, this video is presumably from the perspective of Hungry due to the camera.