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Created July 20th, 2016.

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Some of the pages on this wiki may contain graphic/disturbing content.


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Unit 979

I Am 979 is a highly interactive ARG dedicated to solving the mysteries of the mysterious Wyndstrom Institution and their various Units. Originally started through a thread posted on Within Hubris by user eternalforestxv, the ARG grew into something more than a cryptic post with the discovery of a video and a TOR website. With the addition of vague messages to the site and similarly puzzling videos, the mysteries only deepened. As you read through this wiki, please keep in mind:

  • This wiki has only just been started. For further and more updated information, please visit the Google Doc.
  • We have both a Skype Group and a Discord group. If you are interested, please PM one of the mods of this wiki for an invite.
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"only feeding makes him leave"
979, on his other personality.

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